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Global Bank Account Built for Ambitious Enterprise

Expand your business globally, eliminate the hassle of multiple accounts, and focus on growth.

Business Banking

Get bank accounts in NGN, USD, GBP, EUR and 15+ currencies. Send, receive and convert money at competitive rates.

Reduce FX Risk

Hedge foreign currency exposure and lock in exchange rates when needed. Manage cash flow, avoid losses caused by fluctuating exchange rates.

Real-Time Visibility and Control

Get real-time visibility, initiate transactions, approve payments and manage your account balances, transaction history, and exchange rates from anywhere at any time.

Integrate with your Existing System

Integrate with existing financial systems. Import/export data, reconcile transactions, and automate workflows to reduce errors and save time.

Ready to Give your Business a Global Boost?

Start managing your finances like a pro. Our user-friendly platform, competitive rates, and exceptional customer support make it easy for you to expand your business globally.
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